All of our training formats will be instructor led hands on training.

We believe that knowledge and skills are gained by doing, not by listening. So we won't talk much during training. Instructor will give some short explanation at the start of the day, and the rest of the day, the trainee will be experimenting with the application.

Each training will be performing certain real life scenario to give real life experience with the software. And the training will separate into two:

Class Training

Class training are meant to build core competencies within a specific area of Taowi ERP. It can be layout foundation to learn taowi ERP, or to start administrating or developing Taowi ERP. There is a specific skills that we wish to build and a specific task that the trainee is expected to be able to perform after the end of class training. Class training will take more days, usually 2-3 days.

Structure of Class Training:

  • Foundation
  • System Administrator
  • Application Administrator
  • Developer Fundamental
  • Developer Intermediate
  • Developer Advance
  • Functional Fundamental
  • Functional Procurement
  • Functional Sales
  • Functional Material Management
  • Functional Open Items
  • Functional Fixed Assets
  • Functional Financial Reporting


Workshop tends to be short. Should be around 1-2 days. Workshop is never meant to build a complete skill set to perform a certain task. For example, a java developer who is totally blind of Taowi development won't be able to develop a plugin take class training. Workshop is more to fill the gaps on certain skill set that is lacking.

For example:

  • Java
  • SQL
  • PlpgSQL (PostgreSQL Stored Procedure Language)
  • Taowi Advanced Reporting
  • Jasper Reports
  • Server Administration
  • PostgreSQL Setup & Tuning
  • Application Server Load Balancing
  • Taowi Tuning, etc.