ID101 – iDempiere Foundation Training

Course Introduction

This course will get any students a quick entry into the world of ERP and iDempiere. The course will starts with introduction to various business processes that usually exists within an ERP system, from the core business process, to advanced process, and vertical industry specific processes. Then students will be provided step by step introduction to iDempiere (the iDempiere community, iDempiere UI, iDempiere entities, etc). And finally students will explore the implementation of core business process in iDempiere (Sales, Procurement, Material Management, and Open Items).

This course lays foundation for further learning of iDempiere, either into functional area, system administrator area, or development area.

Who Should Attend?

  • Students or Professionals eager to learn about ERP or iDempiere
  • Potential users or implementers
  • Software Developers, who want to understand the software before dig into development

Course Objective

By the end of this course, students will:
  • Understand the concept of ERP software
  • Understand common business process in any organization
  • Familiar with terminology in iDempiere (Business Partner, Product, Account Element, etc.)
  • Familiar with data entry in iDempiere
  • Familiar with pulling data in iDempiere
  • Familiar with Procure to Pay business process in iDempiere
  • Familiar with Order to Pay business process in iDempiere
  • Familiar with Material Management business process in iDempiere
  • Familiar with Open Items business process in iDempiere

Course Fee

IDR 4,000,000- / pax including :
  • 1 lunch meal + 2 snack time / day
  • Course Material
  • Training Kit
  • Certificate
  • 1 DVD including all softwares used in the training

Course Duration

2 days / 16 hours

Course Prerequisites

No prerequisite knowledge is required for this course. However knowledge of business process or other ERP software would be very helpful to understand the training materials.

Course Requirements

  • PC or Laptop with minium of 2GHz CPU, 4 GB of RAM, DVD Drive and 2 GB of available hard disk space.
  • Softwares:
    • OS: MS Windows (XP/7/8) / Linux  (Ubuntu / Redhat / Fedora / Centos) / Mac OSX
    • Browser: Firefox / Chrome / Safari / Chromium
    • Office Suite: MS Office / LibreOffice / OpenOffice

Course Outline

    • Introduction to ERP and Business Process
      • Defining concept of ERP
      • Understanding Procure to Pay business process flow
      • Understanding Quote to Pay business process flow
      • Understanding Material Management business process flow
      • Understanding Open Items business process flow
      • Understanding Fixed Assets Management business process flow
      • Understanding Financial Reporting business process flow
    • Introduction to iDempiere
      • Introduction to iDempiere community, concepts, navigation, and entities
      • Introduction to Multi Organization structure in iDempiere
      • Introduction to Window, Process, Report, Info Windows, and Forms
      • Introduction to UI Navigation in iDempiere
    • Procure to Invoice Process Flow
      • Creating Purchase Requisition (PR)
      • Creating Request for Quotation (RfQ)
      • Creating Purchase Order (PO)
      • Creating Material Receipts (MR)
      • Creating Invoice (Vendor)
      • Matching PO, MR, and AP
    • Quote to Invoice Process Flow
      • Creating Sales Order
      • Creating Shipments
      • Creating Invoice (Customer)
    • Material Management Process Flow
      • Creating Inventory Move
      • Creating Physical Inventory
      • Creating Internal Use Inventory
      • Creating Production
      • Checking Material Transactions
      • Checking Material Storage Reports
    • Open Items Process Flow
      • Creating Payment
      • Creating Payment Selection
      • Creating Payment Allocation
      • Check Aging and Open Items Reports
      • Creating Bank Statements

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