Taowi is our main product. It is our answer to a long time problem we have during our previous implementation experience. ERP implementation is a major event in the life on an organization. It is much more than just a software implementation project.

It involves much larger change than just software change:

  • change of business practice
  • change of work responsibilities
  • change of business workflow
  • change of printed forms
  • change of data source

And to top it up, more than often, the software is implemented by inexperienced consultants.

There are many down-side and bad news of ERP implementation but still organizations are doing it. Why?
Because successful implementation enable organizations to grow further, promote more efficient business operational, and implement better internal control.
ERP implementation is similar to the struggle we have as a teenager towards our maturity.

Taowi is a solution for enterprise needs. Taowi is both ERP and BI as one. The first part, ERP, is our answer for the operational needs. While BI is our answer for enterprise analytical needs.
Taowi is not ERP and BI in one system. Taowi is a suite, comprises of two software solution. ERP and BI.


Taowi ERP is build based on iDempiere Open Source ERP. We have been a long time supporter of Adempiere and iDempiere.


Taowi BI comprises of Data Integration, Data Warehouse, OLAP, and Dashboard. All of our BI components are developed using Open Source solution. We are combining technologies from PostgreSQL, Pentaho, and Saiku to build our Taowi BI solution.